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613 King W.

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Toronto, Ontario

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1 Office Space + 1 Restaurant Space


IQ Foods & Colliers

From humble beginnings to King West, this small restaurant is a testament that with passion, dedication, and a dash of creativity, anything is possible.

IQ Foods is a small but innovative restaurant located in the bustling King West area of Toronto. Despite its intimate size, the restaurant has made the most of every inch of space by featuring a modern kitchen in full view of the customer seating area. The custom wooden steps, serving as a waiting area, add a touch of warmth and character to the space. With its focus on fresh, healthy food and a unique dining experience, IQ Foods has quickly become a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

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Located on the bustling King West strip, this office space is a stunning example of modern design. With clean lines and minimalist touches throughout, this space is perfect for businesses looking to impress their clients and employees alike.


The space features sleek appliances, glass walls, and an open concept layout that maximizes natural light and creates a feeling of airiness. Whether you're hosting a meeting in one of the private rooms or working in the open workspaces, you'll feel inspired and energized by the contemporary vibe of this office.

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